Baby Hand/Foot & Art Print Jewellery

  • Swarovski birth Crystal £2.50
    These fabulous little crystals can be added onto your charm to mark the birth month of your loved ones.
    Simply choose the month they were born and we will attach the crystal on your custom charm.
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    swarovski £2.50
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  • Small babyprint charm From: £56
    This is our most popular charm size. It looks beautiful whether you wear it as a necklace or a bracelet charm.
    This charm is hand created using with your baby’s/child’s prints. Initially the prints are taken using a safe inkless print kit. The prints will then be miniaturised  in our workshop and turn them into silver creating a piece that is 100% unique and exclusive to you.
    Small charms can be made into a variety of shapes featuring up to two baby prints.
    They are made of pure silver and come compete with a standard sterling silver loop. Additional fitting can added enabling you to attach your piece on your favourite charm bracellet.




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  • Paw print charm From: £56
    Do you have a furry member in the family?
    We can miniaturise and  transfer your beloved’s pet print in a fine silver piece making a fantastic keepsake for every pet lover!
    It will make a lovely charm for a mum, daughter, grand mother to wear and treasure. And if you prefer, we can turn your charm into a keyring making a lovely keepsake for a dad, son, granddad and people that don’t particulary wear jewellery but would love to own something special and a unique piece of their beloved pet.
    Larger charms holding the prints of more pets can also be made. Be in touch if you would like us to custom a different style piece.


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  • Silver Doodles From: £56
    Children’s drawings say so much about them. They are also very special and facinating pieces of art.
    Whether it’s a self-portrait they have made of you, a sketch for a special occasion, a scribble you just love or even their first handwriting text, we can miniaturise it and create a silver piece turning special memories into a lifelasting keepsake.
    Doodle charms can be made in a variety choice of shapes and styles.
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  • Babyprints on keyring £60
    These baby print silver Keyrings is a great option for those who don’t particularly wear jewellery but would love to own a unique and sentimental quality piece.
    They make a wonderful gift for absolutely everyone in the family on any occasion.
    We can fit up  to two prints on this size charm (either be a handprint and a footprint or a pair of footprints).
    Your keyring can also be customised with you little one’s special drawing, your pet’s paw prints or capture a kiss of your other half.
    It can be made in a wide range of shapes and up to 6 letters hand engraving can be added.
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  • Medium babyprint charm From: £66
    A stylish, contemporary piece slightly larger from our small charm collection
    Medium charms are approximately the size of a 10p coin and around 2mm thick making the charm strong and durable.
    All you need to do is take your loved ones prints with a simple kit we provide you free of charge.
    We will miniaturise the prints in our workshop and capture them on a lovely pure silver piece of your chosen style and shape, creating a piece that is 100% unique and exclusive to you.
    Wear, Feel and Treasure everyday
    A precious gift for mother’s day, new mums, Christmas, birthdays and any other special occasion.

    We can fit one or two baby prints. Prints can be a single foot or handprint, two footprints or a hand and a footprint together.
    You can choose from a variety of shapes and up to 8 letters hand engraving can be added on the silver.
    * All Charms have a quality mark of .999 fine silver stamp and come in a presentation gift box.
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  • Large multiprint charm From: £90
    Large fine silver charm made capturing your loved one’s prints. It can be customised featuring up to two sets of  prints and it  can be worn as a pendant or turned into a keyring.
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  • Decending charms From: £100
    Keep your love ones close to your heart with this lovely and stylish bespoke set compromising a small and a medium fine silver pendant featuring the prints of  a family.
    -Small charm can be customised with a single fingerprint or up to two baby prints (hand/foot or two feet). 
    -Medium charm can be customised with two fingerprints or baby prints. 
    A 3rd larger in size charm can be added making it ideal for families with more children.




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  • Babyprint cufflinks £105
    Those charming fine silver cufflinks are guaranteed to make every dad proud.
    Your child’s/baby’s prints will be captures using an inkless wipe kit
    We will miniaturise the prints in our workshop and turn them into silver. Cufflinks can be made in a variety of shapes and they make a valuable gift that will be treasured for years to come!



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    babyprint cufflinks
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