Product Description


‘Outprint impressions are lovely baby keepsakes created of your little ones’ hands and feet’

Your little ones’ prints will be taken on a very soft clay which will be used to create beautiful raised impressions capturing the detail of their little hands or feet.
                                         The process is safe, quick and harmless.
The impressions can be painted in a variety of colours and they will be displayed in your choice of frame. An appointment is required for the initial process and once the impressions are taken we aim to have them ready within 3-4 weeks.
Outprints can also be created from your baby’s 3D casts so if you have an appointment for a   3D casting session and you wish to create additional gifts for friends or family, this is a brilliant option saving you on cost and time.


            ~PRICE LIST~

  • £50      Single hand or foot impression framed

  • £65      Double impressions, 2 hands or feet, or 1 hand & 1 foot

  • £105    Set of Double impressions, 2 hands & 2 feet


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